This course focuses on the importance of effective leadership when initiating and managing change in early years services and how change is fundamental to continuous improvement.

The course also explores the principles of effective change management and strategies to implement change in your service. It includes:

  • theories of leadership and change management
  • leading for quality in changing and complex contexts
  • the principles of effectively initiating and managing change
  • managing, supporting and sustaining change initiatives.

This course aims to support educators who are new to a leadership position or thinking about applying for a more challenging role.
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • identify some of your strengths as a leader
  • demonstrate understanding of theories of leadership
  • prioritise some characteristics of an effective leader
  • identify strategies for working with a team
  • reflect on the place of ethics in leadership
  • demonstrate an understanding that the role of Nominated Supervisor has specific mandated responsibilities.
The complex role of a leader in education and care services is not something that can be learnt in one module or professional learning session. Most great leaders would say that they are still learning about leadership. Effective leadership takes persistence, resilience, experience and willingness to self-reflect.